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Dr Angela Cooper

Having now trained with Steve for over a year and completed a triathlon, total warrior, an Alps trek and half a marathon I can say with absolute confidence that he is one of the best PTs around. We have never done the same workout twice, he knows just how far to push you and when to move things up a gear. I think what makes Steve stand out from other PTs is his genuine dedication and commitment to YOU and YOUR fitness. He spends time carefully considering your goals and how to help you achieve them. His attitude is one of unrelenting belief that you can achieve whatever you set your mind too. He not only demonstrates this when he is training with you but also in the way he treats himself. You can see how dedicated he is to fitness and wellbeing and his enthusiasm knows no bounds. He understands that hard work combined with the right kind of motivation is going to lead to results and it certainly does. I’ve never felt fitter and have seen dramatic changes in my body. I can’t thank him enough.


Dan Goldthorpe

August 5, 2013fit4youpTestimonials0

My name is Daniel Goldthorpe I’m 24 years old. I started struggling with my weight from the age of 15 when I gave up playing football. Ever since then my weight increased year after year until I reached 17.8 stone at the age of 22. This is when I decided enough was enough and I joined fitness first Huddersfield now Kirklees active leisure. I frequently used the treadmill and bike but not much other gym equipment. I also cut down on my food intake but not having any expert knowledge this resulted in me feeling hungry all the time and lacking in energy. Doing this routine i lost around 1.6stone but struggled to loose any more weight. I had hit plateau (a word i learnt off Stephen).

At this point I was getting frustrated. I had friends who frequently used Stephen and I had seen good results. They told me sessions were fun and the support knowledge and motivation he offered was priceless so I thought I’d give him a try.

From the free induction session I first had with him i kept thinking why didn’t i book a session sooner. He designed me a bespoke exercise and nutritional programme to start the week after. I loved the programme it was a lot different to what I was used to doing. I started to enjoy exercising and didn’t mind dieting with Stephens diet plan. Don’t get me wrong the sessions are tough but that’s what you want when your aiming for a goal. I quickly lost a stone and felt alot fitter. Stephen then changed my programme to suite my weight loss and increasing fitness.

I have now been using him for over 18 months in this time i have lost over 3 stone gained muscle shape and size, my fitness is the best its ever been. Most of all though i enjoy exercising. I still enjoy the treats everyone loves just now in moderation. I would recommend him to any one the knowledge support motivation he offers are priceless. He is always at the other end of the phone if i need any support with my programme or diet he is as dedicated as i am for me to reach my goals. I now regard Stephen as a friend and would recommend him to anyone wanting to achieve things you never thought you could.

John Gilbert

I had been a regular gym user for over 25 years, mostly at a work gym but as I had left the company I needed somewhere new, and I joined Fitness First in September 2011. At that time I had decided to enter the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Marathon and wanted to get fit and ready for the race in 2012. The race was 125 miles over a 24 hour period without any stops, and I needed to achieve a peak level of fitness by April. I had a taster session and quickly decided that a Personal Trainer was the only way to reach my goals. I started training with Stephen and we worked through a programme to develop my core strength and stamina. Stephen had not worked with a canoeist before but he took a keen interest in my sport and the race preparations and he introduced a number of specific exercises and routines that helped my balance and conditioning for endurance racing. We also talked about the nutritional elements and he guided me well, ensuring that I had the right types of energy foods to keep me going over long periods on the water.

We worked together on a regular basis and Stephen pushed me hard, but we kept my goals in mind and I was able to see significant improvements in my speed and increased capacity to sit in the canoe for several hours at a time when I was training on the water. It wasn’t just about the work that we did together in the gym, we also had many conversations about my preparation and how I could get the most from my race. Stephen is very motivational and worked hard to keep the programmes varied and interesting. When I entered the race at Easter I felt absolutely ready and was at the level of fitness required for the gruelling task of canoeing non-stop for 24 hours. I had a good race and despite a few incidents along the way it was an awesome experience that would not have been possible to enjoy without the level of fitness that I had gained. It is definitely worth making the investment in a Personal Trainer to help you reach your goals, and I will continue to work with Stephen. I have some new challenges in mind, so I will be looking forward to more sessions to produce the levels of fitness and results I need. I recommend that you give Stephen a try, he is a great Personal Trainer and you will see benefits in a number of different ways.

John Gilbert

Alison Farrell

April 16, 2012fit4youpTestimonialsComments Off on Alison Farrell

My name is Alison Farrell and I am 40 years of age .I Have been an exercise teacher for 18 years and up until I had my second child I didn’t really struggle with my weight I always eat healthy but like most people I like my chocolate and wine.

After having Joseph I struggled to lose the weight I’d put on, for 18 months I was overweight with what I’d longed to be for by about 10 pounds. I teach 24 classes a week and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t toning up or losing the weight.

I tried everything I knew and nothing would work for me, I started silly diets from magazines to even slim fast even knowing myself that none of these really work and still nothing changed

I therefore decided to find myself a Personal Trainer and asked around Fitness First Huddersfield, It was the health and fitness manager Trevor Seymour who recommended Stephen Mottram to me; I booked in with him already knowing him a little as we both worked at Fitness First.

He spent time talking to me about what I did exercise wise and he gave me a food diary to fill in for one week and told me to be completely honest with everything that I ate and drank. I gave it to him a week later and the first thing he told me was that the two large glasses of white wine on a Thursday (school) night was about 500 calories and my daily morning cappuccino was 200 calories. He then wrote me an eating plan which I stick too but have now found the balance to have treats , but not on a school night. I also had an exercise program with him which was so hard and demanding but really good as you do think that you’re fit and strong until you try something different.

Over the time that I saw Stephen which was on a Friday I lost the weight that I wanted too and toned up in the areas I wanted too, so when it came to my 40th birthday party and I had on my killer shoes and a fabulous outfit I felt great .Everyone is always telling me I have lost weight and look great and its all down to Stephen, I actually eat more now than before can you believe that!!!!!!

Stephen is an excellent Personal Trainer and a good friend he spends so much time on tailoring people’s programs and eating plans to suit their needs.

He is a very passionate lovely person with a bright future

Thank you Stephen but not to the T.R.X Ha Ha!!


Alison Farrell

Jack Brannan

March 24, 2012fit4youpTestimonials0

I first came into contact with Stephen at the FitnessFirst in Huddersfield shortly after I had developed shin splints in my pre-season rugby training with Huddersfield Rugby Union F.C.I was told by my coaching staff and physiotherapist that I would not be able to play again until the start of the next season (8 months) due to the severity of my injuries and loss of overall fitness; Stephen managed to reduce that deficit to just 2 months!!

Due to the nature of my injuries for a period of 2-3 months before I met Stephen I could hardly run, train for rugby or attend the gym in a manner that I felt beneficial which for a keen 21 year old was a crushing blow to the enjoyment of my rugby and training hobbies as I had never felt so lacking in fitness or strength so after witnessing some of Stephen’s 1:1 sessions and discussing the progress of some of his clients I had heard nothing but positive feed back from them and decided to consult him on becoming a client.

Stephen has been my personal trainer now for just short of 6 months and in that time I have come to rely on his vast range of skills and knowledge in fitness and nutrition to help recover lost fitness and also to achieve my goals of building lean muscle and explosive power to aid my weight training and overall rugby performance. My most recent program that Stephen has supplied for me is accurate and precise to my goals which focus on bulking up in muscle but with maintaining my plyomeric power and cardiovascular fitness.

Since hiring Stephen as my PT my overall fitness has improved immensely to a standard I did not think I would be at due to my injuries and with Stephen also incorporating the TXR training and core strength development into my programs I can feel a definite improvement in my overall body strength which has also had a major impact on my ability to lift heavier weights which I would have never had the confidence to do and also apply stronger technique to my rugby performance in regards of the physical collision aspects of the game.

Stephen has also formulated a diet plan for my aims in which I was amazed at his dedication and enthusiasm to reach my goals and it was clearly evident how much enjoyment and pride he took in his work in producing me a fantastic yet simple diet plan. He assessed and recorded all my body measurements including weight, height and body fat percentage and gave me a clear insight into how to achieve my goals and incorporating it into my everyday life and work too.
Due to the hectic and stressful nature of my post in the NHS I would often feel fatigued and wary after a shift and going to the gym felt more like a chore than a hobby. With Stephens’s guidance into nutrition and health combined with his excellent perception of understanding he helped me feel more energetic through input into what to eat and when to eat it and this allowed me to work long hard hours and then attend the a hard gym session in which I felt I could push through and endure with feeling in a great state of mind after I had been thanks to his advice.

Stephen is a phenomenal PT and a dedicated professional with him never keeping any workout the same; they are always challenging, extreme fun and efficiently effective. He is brilliant to socialise with and his willingness and knowledge of the service he is providing is second to none and absolutely paramount to achieving your goals. I would definitely recommend Stephen to anyone, whatever your aim or outcome; he will provide the greatest of sessions, bring out the best in you and pull you through every time!

Daniel Choucri

March 24, 2012fit4youpTestimonials0

Exercise has and always will be a massive part of my life; I am highly trained in Kung Fu and a Level 2 fitness instructor myself. I approached Stephen in May 2011 as I felt that my training had hit a plateau and I was lacking idea’s to improve myself further, Stephen’s extensive C.V, which includes TRX, Kettle bell’s and core stability impressed me.

We sat down and discussed what I wanted to achieve and how I felt I could improve myself further and from an initial consultation my first program was produced and it was like no other I’ve done before. I am now on program four, each balanced across a three day training schedule and specific to complimenting my Kung Fu training. We integrate my training with combined kettlebell and TRX sessions over a ten week period and I can genuinely say that my training has become exciting, rewarding and the most beneficial in terms of the physical results I have achieved.

Stephen takes great pleasure in his work and understands that no one person is the same, which is why he dedicates much of his free time into researching new techniques in order to make his clients program’s as effective as possible. This is clearly represented by the exercises involved in each of my programs and none of which are the same.

A personal trainer’s work is nothing without results and I am now coming up to a year in training with Stephen. I feel that at aged 27, I am now in the best shape of my life and this is due to his tireless efforts to keep me moving forward and always improving. I cannot recommend Stephen enough, your sessions with him will be highly enjoyable, challenging and always with an element of fun. He is genuine and extremely passionate about his work and you will thoroughly reap the rewards.

Ross Clark

November 28, 2011fit4youpTestimonials0

Like so many I have fluctuated in weight since my early teens, but always remained active.
I have been attending a gym for a few years and often struggled to find the motivation
to push myself to really achieve my goals. Most gym visits resulted in repeating the same
exercises with no real training direction.

In the early part of this year I was approached by Stephen to have a free training session
with an option of booking further one to one time. Having always thought I had good
fitness, but didn’t seem to be changing shape or size and lacked some direction, I thought it
was time I tried something new.

My first Personal Training session was brilliant. After going through what i wanted to
achieve, Stephen gave me specific training program designed to reach those goals. I was
worked harder than I had ever worked myself at the gym. I left the session feeling like I
had had a real work out and with a smile on my face. I booked more sessions without any

Months down the line I’m still having personal training sessions. Each session is different,
hard work but above all fun. I am pushed and motivated to work to the maximum and
for the first time in years I’m seeing the results. Stephen has given me so much support,
from planning diets and training programs to being on the end of the phone to answer any
question I have.

If you’re looking to achieve your goals, work hard and enjoy training, Stephen is the PT to
guide you!!



Phil Linley

September 1, 2011fit4youpTestimonials0

Having attended a gym regularly for a long time and although considered myself reasonably fit I was looking for some way to really ‘push on’ and generally improve my all round fitness, stamina and toning.

Choosing Stephen Mottram has proved to be an inspired choice, I have used P.T.’s in the past and Stephen hand on heart is far and away the best PT I have ever been involved with. He is thorough and knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm and training sessions with Steve are never boring or predictable I would recommend Steve to anyone, he is a fantastic PT who really will get you the results you desire.

And lastly, Steve hasn’t paid a penny for this testimonial.

Age 50+

Martin Simpson

Stephen has been my personal trainer for just over 3 months now and the results I
have achieved because of him have been outstanding.

I met Stephen whilst I was training in Fitness First; he came over and asked to
demonstrate how I could improve my dead lift technique. Stephen demonstrated the
technique explaining in detail how to perform the exercise in a safe and effective
manner. I was very impressed with his attitude and the fact that he hadn’t tried to
push me into signing up for personal training that I booked him for a session there and

I was impressed right from the start of this session as Stephen took the time before
we began to ask me what my short and long term goals were, what my diet consisted
of and what training history I already had. He also took all my body measurements,
weight and body fat percentage. He then suggested ways in which I could change my
life style to get maximum results from my training but also enjoy all the things I like
to do.

He took into account that I work as a Fire Fighter and understood my need for
strength, power and stamina and that I needed to be fit and healthy. I have been
training for quite a few years now and my training had gone stale and boring before I
met Stephen

Stephen tailors all my work out plans to suit my goals and explains and demonstrated
all of the new (and effective) exercise I had not performed before. He regularly
changes my plans to keep my training interesting, fun and challenging and also my
muscle gains and cardio improves continually. He is extremely motivational whilst I
am training and makes sure that I always put 110% effort into my training sessions.

Stephen is a fantastic professional who takes great pride in helping you achieve your
goals. He is great to get along with, always willing to help you and has a knowledge
of the industry that is second to none and I would recommend him to anybody
wanting to reach there goals, no matter what they are, Stephen will get you there.

Ryan Blezard, 24

I joined Fitness First November 2010 and as part of the sign up packaged I received 2 free personal trainer (PT) sessions. I was allocated Stephen Mottram, on first meeting Stephen instantly but any doubts about joining the gym at ease talking about his own experiences as well as those of people he had previously worked with.

As a PE teacher I already had a good knowledge of health and exercise, Stephen took this into consideration and as a result conversations were at a high and knowledgeable level. Initially he set realistic and workable targets around my overall aim which was to improve my all round muscular strength and endurance as well as maintaining my cardiovascular fitness. After setting aims he then looked into my lifestyle and diet suggesting ways in which these could be changed to benefit me in the gym ensuring that I get maximum benefit from my sessions. Once the initial meeting was over Stephen then gave me an induction session showing me the most effective and safest way to use equipment and the type of exercises that I should be doing to achieve my aim.

Stephen was never pushy nor did he insist that I sign up for more sessions, I chose to as I was confident that his knowledge would assist me in achieving my aim. He initially wrote me a training programme focusing on hypertrophy training method he guided me through this programme helping me with technique and tracking my progress carefully, they was some exercises that were not suited for me and he quickly adapted these in order for me to get maximum benefit. After 7 weeks he changed the programme onto a strength training method reducing the reps but making the weights heavier and increasing the recovery phases. Again he explained the reasons for this and guided me through the programme and tracked my progress carefully. At this stage I had gained 1.5 inch diameter in each bicep and 0.5 inch is chest. The programme then changed to a muscular endurance method with interval training to build up all round strength and endurance and to prevent tedium.

Throughout all the programmes I have had sessions with Stephen he is extremely motivational and ensures that I give maximum amount of effort. He frequently applies his knowledge to the sessions to assist me when training in the gym alone. In addition to this I have also had a handful of TRX sessions with him, again a different format of training that Stephen’s delivers well and with motivation.

I have gone from 10st 5lb to 11st 13lb since I started my fitness training .I am very pleased with the results so far and I would not have achieved them without Stephen’s help.

Overall Stephen is a true professional who is extremely knowledgeable and has the welfare and interest of his clients at heart. I would recommend his services to anybody my results speak for themselves.

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Stephen recognises that each client is a unique individual. Whether you're looking to shed an extra few pounds, or are wanting to build muscle, Stephen can help and motivate you to achieve your goals. Read about PT in Bradford and Huddersfield. Take a look at our testimonials.

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