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Martin Simpson

July 4, 2011fit4youpTestimonialsComments Off on Martin Simpson

Stephen has been my personal trainer for just over 3 months now and the results I
have achieved because of him have been outstanding.

I met Stephen whilst I was training in Fitness First; he came over and asked to
demonstrate how I could improve my dead lift technique. Stephen demonstrated the
technique explaining in detail how to perform the exercise in a safe and effective
manner. I was very impressed with his attitude and the fact that he hadn’t tried to
push me into signing up for personal training that I booked him for a session there and

I was impressed right from the start of this session as Stephen took the time before
we began to ask me what my short and long term goals were, what my diet consisted
of and what training history I already had. He also took all my body measurements,
weight and body fat percentage. He then suggested ways in which I could change my
life style to get maximum results from my training but also enjoy all the things I like
to do.

He took into account that I work as a Fire Fighter and understood my need for
strength, power and stamina and that I needed to be fit and healthy. I have been
training for quite a few years now and my training had gone stale and boring before I
met Stephen

Stephen tailors all my work out plans to suit my goals and explains and demonstrated
all of the new (and effective) exercise I had not performed before. He regularly
changes my plans to keep my training interesting, fun and challenging and also my
muscle gains and cardio improves continually. He is extremely motivational whilst I
am training and makes sure that I always put 110% effort into my training sessions.

Stephen is a fantastic professional who takes great pride in helping you achieve your
goals. He is great to get along with, always willing to help you and has a knowledge
of the industry that is second to none and I would recommend him to anybody
wanting to reach there goals, no matter what they are, Stephen will get you there.

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