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Alison Farrell

April 16, 2012fit4youpTestimonialsComments Off on Alison Farrell

My name is Alison Farrell and I am 40 years of age .I Have been an exercise teacher for 18 years and up until I had my second child I didn’t really struggle with my weight I always eat healthy but like most people I like my chocolate and wine.

After having Joseph I struggled to lose the weight I’d put on, for 18 months I was overweight with what I’d longed to be for by about 10 pounds. I teach 24 classes a week and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t toning up or losing the weight.

I tried everything I knew and nothing would work for me, I started silly diets from magazines to even slim fast even knowing myself that none of these really work and still nothing changed

I therefore decided to find myself a Personal Trainer and asked around Fitness First Huddersfield, It was the health and fitness manager Trevor Seymour who recommended Stephen Mottram to me; I booked in with him already knowing him a little as we both worked at Fitness First.

He spent time talking to me about what I did exercise wise and he gave me a food diary to fill in for one week and told me to be completely honest with everything that I ate and drank. I gave it to him a week later and the first thing he told me was that the two large glasses of white wine on a Thursday (school) night was about 500 calories and my daily morning cappuccino was 200 calories. He then wrote me an eating plan which I stick too but have now found the balance to have treats , but not on a school night. I also had an exercise program with him which was so hard and demanding but really good as you do think that you’re fit and strong until you try something different.

Over the time that I saw Stephen which was on a Friday I lost the weight that I wanted too and toned up in the areas I wanted too, so when it came to my 40th birthday party and I had on my killer shoes and a fabulous outfit I felt great .Everyone is always telling me I have lost weight and look great and its all down to Stephen, I actually eat more now than before can you believe that!!!!!!

Stephen is an excellent Personal Trainer and a good friend he spends so much time on tailoring people’s programs and eating plans to suit their needs.

He is a very passionate lovely person with a bright future

Thank you Stephen but not to the T.R.X Ha Ha!!


Alison Farrell

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