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Jack Brannan

March 24, 2012fit4youpTestimonialsComments Off on Jack Brannan

I first came into contact with Stephen at the FitnessFirst in Huddersfield shortly after I had developed shin splints in my pre-season rugby training with Huddersfield Rugby Union F.C.I was told by my coaching staff and physiotherapist that I would not be able to play again until the start of the next season (8 months) due to the severity of my injuries and loss of overall fitness; Stephen managed to reduce that deficit to just 2 months!!

Due to the nature of my injuries for a period of 2-3 months before I met Stephen I could hardly run, train for rugby or attend the gym in a manner that I felt beneficial which for a keen 21 year old was a crushing blow to the enjoyment of my rugby and training hobbies as I had never felt so lacking in fitness or strength so after witnessing some of Stephen’s 1:1 sessions and discussing the progress of some of his clients I had heard nothing but positive feed back from them and decided to consult him on becoming a client.

Stephen has been my personal trainer now for just short of 6 months and in that time I have come to rely on his vast range of skills and knowledge in fitness and nutrition to help recover lost fitness and also to achieve my goals of building lean muscle and explosive power to aid my weight training and overall rugby performance. My most recent program that Stephen has supplied for me is accurate and precise to my goals which focus on bulking up in muscle but with maintaining my plyomeric power and cardiovascular fitness.

Since hiring Stephen as my PT my overall fitness has improved immensely to a standard I did not think I would be at due to my injuries and with Stephen also incorporating the TXR training and core strength development into my programs I can feel a definite improvement in my overall body strength which has also had a major impact on my ability to lift heavier weights which I would have never had the confidence to do and also apply stronger technique to my rugby performance in regards of the physical collision aspects of the game.

Stephen has also formulated a diet plan for my aims in which I was amazed at his dedication and enthusiasm to reach my goals and it was clearly evident how much enjoyment and pride he took in his work in producing me a fantastic yet simple diet plan. He assessed and recorded all my body measurements including weight, height and body fat percentage and gave me a clear insight into how to achieve my goals and incorporating it into my everyday life and work too.
Due to the hectic and stressful nature of my post in the NHS I would often feel fatigued and wary after a shift and going to the gym felt more like a chore than a hobby. With Stephens’s guidance into nutrition and health combined with his excellent perception of understanding he helped me feel more energetic through input into what to eat and when to eat it and this allowed me to work long hard hours and then attend the a hard gym session in which I felt I could push through and endure with feeling in a great state of mind after I had been thanks to his advice.

Stephen is a phenomenal PT and a dedicated professional with him never keeping any workout the same; they are always challenging, extreme fun and efficiently effective. He is brilliant to socialise with and his willingness and knowledge of the service he is providing is second to none and absolutely paramount to achieving your goals. I would definitely recommend Stephen to anyone, whatever your aim or outcome; he will provide the greatest of sessions, bring out the best in you and pull you through every time!

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